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Restaurant Industry Forecast: The Consumer Trends Index 2023

Consumer attitudes and trends in the restaurant industry

It has never been more important for marketers in the restaurant industry to be one step ahead of consumer trends. As we finally bid farewell to the pandemic, a potential recession hangs over the globe threatening to bring more worry and monetary pressures to consumers. 

That is why we surveyed over 6,000 global consumers — to learn what they expect from the restaurants they do business with. The breadth of data, combined with advice and supporting content will empower restaurant industry marketers to deliver relationship marketing strategies that foster long-lasting connections with its customers. 

In these protracted times of uncertainty, consumers will be more cautious with their spending. Restaurants need to earn consumer’s loyalty and trust to weather the coming economic downturn — this report is a must for any forward-thinking restaurant marketer.

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Get the Latest Consumer Attitudes and Trends in Personalization, Privacy, Messaging, Advertising, and Brand Loyalty 

2023 Consumer Trends Index: Global Report

The Consumer Trends Index 2023: Global Report
This exclusive global research explores the key consumer trends driving purchase decisions in 2023, as well as the most impactful channels for making connections and the data consumers are willing to share in return for a more personalized experience of the consumer lifecycle.  
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The Consumer Trends Index 2023: U.S. Report

The Consumer Trends Index 2023: U.S. Report
This U.S. specific data covers attitudes and trends across personalization, privacy, email, SMS, mobile behavior, loyalty, privacy, cookies and so much more.  
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